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What I Wore Wednesday

Happy Wednesday!

Today I am sharing some of my favorite work outfits from the last week. I teach at a university in Southern California, so this is how Orange County English professors dress for Spring… or at least how I do…

BTW, If you haven’t already, make sure to check out this AMAZING giveaway. Hello, $300 at Tory Burch?!

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What I Wore Wednesday

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What I Wore Wednesday

Fashion blogger I am not. I am super awkward in front of the camera, and I wear a size 6 to 8. I take pictures right after a day at work, so I’m not exactly photo shoot fresh.

But here’s what I wore to work last week. I’m an English professor in Southern California, so there’s that. In So Cal we’re more about jeans and sandals than tweed and elbow patches. I do wear a cardigan often, so I guess I play the part at times. 🙂

And here’s my favorite, most unflattering pic:
Why doesn’t this remote work?!
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Monogram Madness!

One night, I was sitting around drinking wine and I thought to myself, 

Classy broads have monogrammed stuff . I fancy myself a classy broad. I need my initials on things. My initials are awesome.

So I went shopping on Etsy. It wouldn’t be the first time that I engaged in drinking and shopping. And I am sure that I am not the only one who does this… right?

Fortunately, sober me is often even more pleased with my purchases. So check out a couple of awesome monogrammed things you can get on Etsy:

This monogrammed clutch is available for only $24.00 from Shop Modern Monograms. It’s completely customizable– you pick the color of the purse, the monogram style, and thread color. The gold chain is detachable, and the purse is lined with printed fabric. Cute, right?

This is my new favorite. This pretty monogrammed necklace is available from Emma at Sincerely Me.

My birthday is coming up. These coasters would make a great gift:

And you can further encourage my tipsy shopping with these wine glasses!
Because I’m a classy broad like that!

Looks I Love: Nautical Inspiration

Maybe it’s because I LOVE sailing, or because my Sperry Topsiders are some of my favorite shoes, or because I dream of living the lifestyle of a Kennedy, but I love me some Nautical looks.

Nautical looks are always fresh and classic, and perfect for the first days of Spring. On blustery days in March, these looks make me dream of hopping on a sail boat and letting the winds carry me away…
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Let’s Go Shopping!

The first week of a semester is always an awkward one for an instructor– it’s hard to get back into the groove, there’s no grading to be done, but you feel like you should be doing something, and you still don’t know what to expect the next few months are going to really look like.

So I cope with all of this uncertainty by shopping online. It gives me a sense of control in an world of uncertainty.
So here are my favorite purchases of this week. Believe it or not, ALL ARE UNDER $20. Because I am awesome like that.
You can find these adorable Oxfords (love the turquoise sole!) at Target. I’d been sort of avoiding the Oxford reemergence, and now that I have jumped on board, I needed something with a little pop of uniqueness.  
I love them with tights, a black skirt, and this top, also from Target:
I have this skirt in Teal already, and I love, love, love it. It is so versatile, and only $12.50. Whaaaat?!
Also at Forever 21:
I’ve been feeling inspired by Downton Abbey, and though it isn’t exactly something Lady Mary might wear, it adds a little sparkle and elegance to my day.
But then for when I am feeling like more of a badass, I heart this bracelet, available on Etsy from Layered With Love.
Almost as therapeutic as yoga, I tell you. 

Sunday at the Swap Meet

I cannot bring myself to spend a lot of money on sunglasses. And by a lot of money, I mean like, more than $20. Whether they cost me $5 or $120, I will eventually scratch, break, or lose them, so I prefer the $5 variety. I often buy them from some vendors who come onto my campus a few times a semester, but since I scratched my last pair, I couldn’t wait until then.

So I made my first trip to the Huntington Beach Swap Meet. Every Saturday and Sunday, vendors come to the parking lot at Golden West College. It becomes a giant outdoor market where vendors sell everything from items they picked up at a yard sale or thrift store, to vendors selling surplus items, ethnic foods and candies, to electronics and mattresses. Some items I am sure “fell off the back of the truck,” but I don’t see the point in asking questions. I’d say that there you can find everything but the kitchen sink, but I did actually see a kitchen sink for sale.

So I went with $40 in my pocket and a plan to get three pairs of sunglasses and whatever else I fancied with the remaining $25. I wandered through the aisles for a couple of hours, listening to the families shout to one another in Spanish, Vietnamese and Tagalog and dodging children rushing through on scooters. Some stands blasted mariachi music, while the aroma of bbq pork wafted from food trucks, and tables included Sriracha and jars of onions and cilantro among their condiments.

All in all, I spent $38; here’s what I bought:

The 3 pairs of sunglasses I needed, a new straw fedora for beach days, a Stila lip stick, a Philosophy lip gloss, Kate Spade earrings, and an orchid.

The earrings were a real steal; at only $5, I kinda feel like I ripped them off. Here’s a better close up:

I think that they are from several seasons ago, and they gave me a very Downton Abbey feel, which I am obsessed with these days.

The orchid is gorgeous too. I’ve never had one, and since they are notoriously difficult to care for, I am excited about the challenge.

All in all, for under $40 I think I did well. Braving the chaos was well worth it, and I may go back next weekend for more plants.
XO, Rachel

Yes, please

Anyone want to buy me this dress? Or really, any dress on I know where I will be blowing my cash once I am done with taxes!