As you drive up the 101 past Morrow Bay and through the hills to San Luis Obispo, you will spot one of my favorite landmarks: The Madonna Inn. 

As a child I was fascinated by the building and begged my grandparents to let us stop there. They always chuckled and kept driving as I watched the pink gingerbread house– named after my favorite pop star!– fade into the highway.

But now that I am a grown woman, I am free to stop in whenever I want.
The Madonna Inn has been around since 1958. The history states that the original owner is quoted as having said, “I want people to come in with a smile and leave with a smile. It’s fun.” And you can’t help but smile inside this place.
It’s… pink. Aggressively pink. Awesomely, aggressively, pink.
I’ve never stayed overnight; the bar itself is plenty for me. 
I mean, where else can you find a pink bar?!

(The sweet potato fries are really good, too. I am usually disappointed by sweet potato fries, but Madonna Inn fries are just as awesome as the pink bar.)
And then there is the dining room…
But the most famous sight of all is the men’s restroom. I asked C to go in and take a picture for me, but he instead took video that was not appropriate for this bar, so here’s proof from the internet of the famous waterfall urinal:

The rooms are equally awesome; each has its own theme. The Madonna Inn’s website has a grid of different room amenities–proof that I am not making this up. Here are some pictures from their site of some of the rooms:

If you enjoy kitsch, pink, gooey desserts smothered in frosting and sprinkles, and watching old couples dancing cheek to cheek (and if you don’t, I probably don’t want to know you), then you MUST stop in and check out the Madonna Inn. 
* all photos, unless otherwise noted, are from my Galaxy S III. Follow me on Instagram for more!

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Comments on: "California Love: The Madonna Inn" (7)

  1. I Would Probably Spend it On Summer Clothes And Subscription Boxes

  2. I Would Probably Spend it On Summer Clothes And Subscription Boxes

  3. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  4. I would probably spend it on crafting supplies I've been eying.

  5. I would stash it away to spend in FL in August.

  6. I would use it on gardening.

  7. After years of driving past this place we finally stopped in last month on vacation! It really is magical!

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