It’s A Good Day

Easter has a little something for everyone. There’s good candy, and if you celebrate christ, there’s the whole resurrection thing that is really important to a lot of people. If you don’t, you can still celebrate the world’s most famous zombie, especially since new episodes of The Walking Dead air on Sunday nights. Either way, it’s a good day.

You may notice things looking a little more spiffy around here. That’s because I have Elise from Hunters of Happiness to thank for this lovely new design.

She is such a doll, and so fun to work with. Don’t you just love the aesthetic she has created?
If you’re looking to revamp your own blog, I highly recommend her.

 photo signature_zpsb909305c.png


Comments on: "It’s A Good Day" (2)

  1. Your blog is looking fabulous!It's so funny you mention The Walking Dead, because my daughter just introduced that show to me, and we watched it on Netflix.

  2. Your design is beautiful! And I've still never seen the walking dead! I guess I'll have to spend some time on Netflix for a few days. 😉 -BrittanyHttp://

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