Friday Faves

This week I turned 32, ran a half marathon, and got a kidney infection. All of those are painful in their own way.

And yet, here are 5 things that made my week less painful. No, not less painful; Awesome:

1. All of the marriage equality memes in the wake of the supreme court hearing cases on Prop 8 and DOMA.

I love that when I scrolled through my Facebook news feed on Tuesday, I mostly saw pink and red. I have so much hope for a future in which marriage is a right that is extended to all. 
2. Antibiotics. 
Kidney infections suck, yo. Fortunately, thanks to these bad boys, I am no longer whimpering from pain.    And having an S.O. who is a physician means that he was careful to prescribe ones that don’t interfere with birth control pills. Amen! Oddly enough, I still get nauseated and dizzy, especially if I scroll through websites too quickly. No online shopping for me tonight. 😦
3. What doesn’t make me nauseated is new car smell. In case you missed it Monday, my man got himself a new Tesla. That car is a sexy beast, and we’re driving up the coast to Santa Barbara in it next week.

Clever, clever. It definitely made my afternoon.
5. Fancy cocktails at amazing restaurants, like this Margarita de Tamraindo at Javier’s

or the Moscow Mule at Yamashiro

photo via
And now I am officially on Spring Break! Yes, professors love Spring Break just as much, if not more, than students. So I leave you with this gem to get the weekend started:

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Comments on: "Friday Faves" (4)

  1. Brand new to your blog from the link-up today! Sorry to hear you had a kidney infection! Yikes! I had no idea that you could specifically get antibiotics that don`t interfere wit BC pills- thanks for sharing!Some Snapshots BlogJess

  2. Thanks Jess. Actually after this post we double checked everything. It turns out that only a few types of antibiotics have been reported to interfere with BC, but definitely don't take my medical advice on it. We're still using back up protection just in case!

  3. New car smell is the best! Love his new ride and I hope u get better soon!!

  4. Thanks, Emily! I am already on the mend and feeling much, much better!

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