We Got a Tesla!

Yesterday, C came home with the most epic new toy ever.

A new Tesla model S!!

Now, if you haven’t heard of a Tesla before, they are a new motor company that makes electric cars. Tesla Motors is owned by Elon Musk, the guy that is going to put people on Mars with his other endeavor, Space X. He truly is a visionary, and C has a bit of an intellectual crush on him.
When it comes to Tesla, they’ve finally made electric cars sexy. Let’s be honest, the Prius is ugly. The Leaf and the Volt are just geeky looking. In order for cars that run on alternative fuel to really be popular, I think they need to be sexy. And C’s new car is definitely sexy.
They’re also not cheap; it is a luxury car and not a typical family sedan, although it is incredibly spacious inside. This is definitely C’s “I worked my ass off in med school  residency, and fellowship, and now that I have a position that pays well, I am going to have my dream car” vehicle. He had to pay a bit of money to get on a wait list for it last year even, and this is the first year of production for this car.
Everything is customizable and the center console is a touch screen computer. Since there no engine, there is a front trunk (I call it the “frunk”) and a huge back trunk.
The “frunk”

The trunk.
I am still a little afraid of driving his baby, but cruising down PCH in the passenger seat is amazing. It has a thrillingly fast and smooth acceleration, and C got Active Air Suspension included, which makes the ride feel incredibly luxurious. 
What’s even better is that we are having solar panels installed on the roof, and since C works nights, his car will mainly charge during the day, completely on California sunshine! I am telling you, being environmentally responsible and conscientious IS sexy!

Comments on: "We Got a Tesla!" (8)

  1. Hi Rachel!I just wanted to stop by real quick and personally invite you over to the Facebook Frenzy blog hop that just kicked off! Hop on over and grab some "Likes"!Thanks!Katie~http://dysfunctionsjunction.com

  2. Thanks! I am very excited about it!

  3. so reminding me of the car commercial right now

  4. Thanks, though there aren't any commercials for this car yet… πŸ™‚

  5. Nice ride! lol. hurray for your man getting a new car. it does look sexy!Brandywillbakeforshoes.com

  6. Oh wow – so jealous! Not only are the cars awesome, but so is their namesake πŸ™‚ Tesla was the coolest.

  7. Abby, me too! Do you know about the Tesla museum that they raised money for through crowd sourcing? I am so excited about it. As my friend said, Electric car > electric light bulb. Tesla finally wins!

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