Monogram Madness!

One night, I was sitting around drinking wine and I thought to myself, 

Classy broads have monogrammed stuff . I fancy myself a classy broad. I need my initials on things. My initials are awesome.

So I went shopping on Etsy. It wouldn’t be the first time that I engaged in drinking and shopping. And I am sure that I am not the only one who does this… right?

Fortunately, sober me is often even more pleased with my purchases. So check out a couple of awesome monogrammed things you can get on Etsy:

This monogrammed clutch is available for only $24.00 from Shop Modern Monograms. It’s completely customizable– you pick the color of the purse, the monogram style, and thread color. The gold chain is detachable, and the purse is lined with printed fabric. Cute, right?

This is my new favorite. This pretty monogrammed necklace is available from Emma at Sincerely Me.

My birthday is coming up. These coasters would make a great gift:

And you can further encourage my tipsy shopping with these wine glasses!
Because I’m a classy broad like that!


Comments on: "Monogram Madness!" (10)

  1. Oh my goodness.I fancy myself to be a classy broad, myself.Here's to a glass of wine and clicking on these links!

  2. Rachel, found you via GFC Blog Hop and have followed. Hope you follow Carole's Chatter and Blog Tips back (links 169 and 170). Cheers

  3. Absolutely loving those necklaces!! Hope someone gets you the coasters for your birthday!!New follower from the GFC hop!! Ange from Hairspray and High Heels

  4. Thanks for linking up with JB! I am obsessed w monograms too! And drunk shopping is always the best – I never second guess a purchase haha (at least not until it arrives!)

  5. Drinking and shopping, always dangerous! great picksxoxo navy & orange

  6. Thanks Angela! Following back!

  7. Thanks Caralyn, I enjoyed linking up. Thanks for stopping by!

  8. Deliciously dangerous… 🙂

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