London Dreaming

You’ve heard the song: California dreaming, on such a winter’s day…  but what about when you ARE in California, on a dreary Thursday morning mostly spent in the car, crawling through traffic on the freeway; what do you dream of?
Why, London.
I last visited London in July of 2012, and I already feel like it has been too long…

July 2012
If I could teleport to London today, I’d spend the late morning strolling through Hyde Park, pretending I was Kate Middleton.
image via

I’d relish in the ability to make it across town in minutes thanks to the Tube– a pleasant change from the hours spent behind the wheel in L.A. traffic.

I’d go shopping in Covent Gardens and finally buy that Burberry wallet I wished I could afford last summer.

I’d have afternoon tea at Fortnum and Mason’s Diamond Jubilee Tea Salon.
I’d ride The Eye again– despite my fear of heights, I just can’t get enough of it.
I’d catch another show on The West End, because who doesn’t love the theatre?
Sigh. Oh London.
As much as I love my home, I long to visit you again soon…

Comments on: "London Dreaming" (7)

  1. So…stroll like Kate Middleton complete with a baby bump…hmmm…. ;P

  2. I studied abroad in London and it is my favorite city in the world! SO AMAZING!I'm always London Dreaming!!New Follower:)Elise @ Hunters of Happiness

  3. HA! Noooo… no baby bump here! 😉

  4. Lucky! Thanks for following! I will be sure to check out your blog as well!

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  6. I absolutely love London. I live in England (I'm an American expat) and even though I don't make it to London as often as I'd like to when I do, I am a happy girl. It never loses it magic, and it never will!Yaya @

  7. Newest follower here!!! I've always wanted to go to London to!xoxo-Sofia at

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