High Five for Friday

Here’s a round up of this week’s faves. It was hard to pick just five, but this is what is rocking my world today:
1. Chocolate Cheddar Cheese.
What the what?! Chocolate AND cheese in one bite? I will admit I was a little skeptical at first. Cheese is a staple in my diet, and while I did chocolate, I wasn’t sure if they would go together. But the result is a party on your tongue: the cheddar isn’t too sharp and the chocolate isn’t too sweet, so you get a nice creamy treat. I’ll say that I couldn’t eat mass quantities of it in one sitting (which isn’t the case for me and cheese. It normally take a lot of discipline to not mow through a whole brick of cheese), but it’s a lovely treat.
2. Having myself and my books under the same roof. I have had boxes and boxes and boxes of books (remember that I have a B.A. and an M.A. in English!) in storage since I last lived with an ex boyfriend, years ago. Now that I have settled in with a great man and don’t plan on going anywhere, it was time to unpack all of those boxes.
Here’s a horribly lit picture of one of the many shelves of my books. Notice my badass Katana displayed on top! Don’t mess with this girl!
Unpacking them ended up being a highly emotional experience– a combination of reuniting with old friends and rediscovering a huge part of my identity that I had sorely missed. There were lots of joyful and sentimental tears that day.
3. This soap was part of my Glossybox. 
How can you not feel luxurious after using a fancy perfumed hand soap like this?! I never thought soap would make me feel so special, but it does. 
Oh, and if you’re interested in Glossybox, it would be wonderful if you used this link to do so. 😉
4. Speaking of online monthly subscriptions (of which I have too many), have you heard of Adore Me? They sell lingerie sets. I’ve been wanting to get in the habit of wearing bra and panty sets that actually match, but that’s not often easy for me to do– I am a natural 36 DD/DDD (You can roll your eyes if you want, but it can kind of suck sometimes). It is hard to find a pretty bra that fits, and even harder to find one that is affordable. But Adore Me has pretty styles for busty women, with panties to match!
5. Maxi Skirts!
It’s (unofficially) Spring, and 80 degrees today, which means it’s the perfect time to bust out maxi skirts. I saw this hi-low one on sale yesterday at Target, and I am wearing it right now.
The best part about maxi skirts? It’s okay if your legs are still a ghostly shade of white!
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Comments on: "High Five for Friday" (5)

  1. Chocolate cheese sounds very unusual but interesting! You intrigued me, have to try this!!!:)Also wanted to let you know that I'm hosting a link up party for spring looks next Monday, and would be thrilled if you decided to participate!!!http://dcinstyle.com/

  2. I will definitely join! I am hoping that a camera that I ordered is in by then so that I can take pics of some of my favorite outfits, but if not, I will post about some of the looks that my closet wishes it had. I love Spring looks!

  3. Hello Rachel! Dropping by and giving some love here on your blog! Thanks for visiting and following http://www.sweetjellybean.com!omg, I said the 'what the what' in my head when I saw chocolate cheddar cheese! How curious and how yummy looking is that. I love cheesecake (New York cheesecake top my list) but this one's sound so delicious too! (following your blog now) x Donah

  4. Thanks Donah! I look forward to reading more of your posts!

  5. Hi Rachel!Thanks for stopping by my blog! Chocolate and Cheese sounds interesting and very good in small doses. That Bulgari soap looks amazing ❤ and the Adore Me subscription sounds fun – I too am naturally busty and everyone thinks they want to be a D but especially when you run it's just… well YOU know 🙂 Great posts and good luck with your marathon training!

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