Hello you beautiful people!
This week’s “Currently” theme is
Visiting – Working- Creating- Loving- Missing
Visiting:  Amazon. com too often. I should be saving up money and paying off credit cards. But. As a new-ish blogger, I am realizing that a good DSLR camera is something I need really want. All of my Instagram pics are great and all, but I really want to expand my photography capabilities. 
Totally necessary and reasonable, right?!
I am also debating doing the Jillian Michael’s 30 Day Shred so that I can look hot, hot, hot on my birthday (actually less than 30 days away). It’s on Amazon Instant Video, which is an added plus. 
Working: Not very hard, apparently, since I am typing this in my office. I could grade the papers that students just turned in, but ehhh… 
Creating: A plan for how to afford that camera AND pay off my taxes. 
Loving: A lot, obviously. I am always With Love, after all. But right now I am loving that today it is sunny and 80 degrees, and I am loving this Crimson Blossom tea that I have been drinking lately. 
Missing: That feeling of being excited about travel plans. As soon as I pay off a bunch of bills I can start thinking about travelling again, but for now the only trip on the horizon is a weekend road trip to Sacramento– fun, but hardly exotic.
What’s currently going on with you? You can read more of what people are currently up to here:

Comments on: "Currently" (10)

  1. I just bought a Nikon 3100 and I LOVE it. I highly recommend getting a bundle (the extra lens alone is SO worth it) and usually SAM's club or Costco has them for a reduced price. It's so worth it!

  2. Visiting: Rachel's blog post as I too procrastinate on reading student writing.Working: Hard at writing a response to Rachel's blog…Creating: Hunger pains, or at least my body is…Loving: The picture of the English Department mug on your post. I have one at home, and it's one of my favorites!Missing: My home…I love being in my home, not in my cold, cold office.

  3. This comment Made.My.Day. :)You need to start blogging again, missy!

  4. Good call! I ended up buying the Canon one pictured here, with an accessories kit– it was a great deal!

  5. Ohhh…to find the time. I know I should blog again, but I've become too lazy about it. Maybe I will…maybe you've inspired me. πŸ™‚

  6. Hi [This Gavin was in one of your classes] (not sure if u remember me -__- ) hm i shot this video with the rebel T3I

  7. Gavin, I do remember you! And that video is awesome! What beautiful shots of L.A.! Wow!

  8. I am thinking abou tbuying a new camera too, will look into this model. Thank you so much for the follow on our Aloha Friday Blog Hop. I just followed you back πŸ™‚ xoxo PakizeMadame Keke

  9. You can find the 30 day shred on youtube – for FREE πŸ™‚ As well as lots of other JM video's. I am soooo not jealous of the papers you have to mark. I hated that part of being a grad student!

  10. Thanks! I did buy it on Amazon Instant Prime– 2 bucks, so not too bad. The first workout kicked. my. ass. I am planning to try again later today. πŸ™‚

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