So judging from what I am reading on the internets, people are pretty bummed that it is Monday. This makes me sad for all of the people, because Mondays don’t have to be so sucky. In fact, my Monday has been pretty legit so far.

1. I decided that I have given my ankle a full 9 days to recover, and  I feel like that was generous of me. So today I went out for the first run in 10 days.
My ankle didn’t feel 100% so I wrapped it, and took it easy while running. I got in a 4 mile run this morning, and it felt great. It doesn’t hurt that it is a glorious day out; when I ran it was sunny, clear, and 65 degrees. Niiiiccce.

2. I got to wake up to my man this morning. You’re probably rolling your eyes or thinking, well duh, you live together, but my man is a hospitalist that works over night, keeping people in the ICU alive. He normally only works a few nights a week, but right now he’s maxing out his shifts for this quarter, which means that he worked for the past 8 nights straight. With a lot of shifts, his sleep schedule gets out of whack, and he often watches movies or reads while I sleep. But after yesterday’s festivities, he was wiped out and we slept on the same schedule, in the same bed. Yaayyy! I love waking up to see him sleeping next to me. 

3. I teach Tuesdays and Thursdays, so coming into the office today is no biggie– I just prep for classes, grade, and blog. And today, as I rolled onto campus, I saw that along with the usual gourmet food trucks (yeah, we’re spoiled) there was an addition to the round-up : Crepes Bonaparte!

After that 4 mile run, I was starving. I’m not gonna lie– I ate 2 crepes. And they were delicious. One was chicken, blue cheese, spinach, and raspberry dressing, the other was a simple ham and mozzarella. It’s okay to be jealous; I would be.

4. I am out of the loop when it comes to Oscar’s talk because I missed them. Instead, we went down to San Diego for my man’s sister’s birthday. Everyone wore funky wigs, and it was an awesome time. I have been smiling all day when remembering the day…

 I was trying to make a kissy face but couldn’t stop laughing!
 Um, hello boobs! Thanks for making me look like I am 200 lbs when I turn to the side!


We had amazing food, the whole family was there, and even kids got into the festivities!
While buying wigs at Party City, I was equally amused and freaked out by this mask:

5. I am wearing this grey and bright yellow sweater that I got on clearance at Target for 10 bucks. I love a good deal, and how can you NOT be in a good mood when you’ve got sunny yellow striped across your chest?!

 And goofy faces when you’re taking a self portrait are the best!

But seriously, I hope that everyone else is having as great of a Monday as I am. Remember, Mondays are only as great as you make them out to be!

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Comments on: "5 Reasons My Monday Might Be Better Than Yours" (2)

  1. I think your positive outlook on Mondays is great (I should take a pointer or two away with me!) 😉 Thank you for sharing and allowing all your readers to be uplifted! And way to go on the 4 miles!!!

  2. Thanks! I try… 😉

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