Currently 2.21.13

Currently {link up}
I just discovered the Currently link up, and it’s a really great idea. The hosts have weekly themes that you can use (or not) to explain what you are currently up to. This week’s themes: 

Taking, Giving, Teaching, Learning, Looking

Taking: This week I am taking time off from running to let my ankle heal. Last weekend I twisted it while crossing the street, and I have a minor sprain. I can put my weight on it, but I don’t want to risk injuring it further by running on it, especially this early on in the training. 
It’s frustrating though, because it sets me back in my training plan, and seven worse, I feel like I must cut back on my calories since I am not getting as much cardio. I love to eat and so not eating makes me sad. 😦

Giving: Up a lot of free time to online pursuits. Trying to write more and to grow my blog means that most of my free time is spent reading other blogs and tweaking the design and theme of my own. I am also enrolled in a few Coursera classes, so when I have time to spare, I am watching/listening  to science and philosophy lectures. And then with an upcoming home remodel project coming up, Pinterest sucks up the rest of my time. My poor eyes are hating me this week!

Teaching: Technically, teaching my students how to respond to other essays critically and collaboratively. While they were reading each other’s essays, I brainstormed my “currently” answers on a sheet of paper.  But with all of the projects and training that I am doing, I am also trying to teach myself discipline. (Especially when it comes to avoiding sweets– just say no!)

Learning: That with patience and a little TLC, I can actually be pretty nurturing to plants! My office plant was all but dead 2 months ago, and look at him now!

Looking: Forward to this weekend, which technically starts in a couple of hours. Tomorrow or Saturday I plan to go pick up the boxes of books that I have tucked away in a storage unit, and I am looking forward to roaming around my old stomping ground–Downtown Fullerton.  I’ve also got a day trip to San Diego to celebrate a birthday with a wig party. Can’t wait!

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