Today Cliff and I both had the day off, and seeing as a storm was rolling in to the SoCal area, we decided to capitalize on the opportunity to spend a whole day in pajamas.

That’s a view from our front porch this morning as the clouds rolled in. Now clearly this is nothing compared to the blizzard on the East coast, but it was pretty cool.

Anywho, we spent much of the day obsessing over this story, of the ex-cop on a Rambo-esque cop killing spree. The details are pretty fascinating, especially the part about cops shooting 4 innocent people who happened to be driving the same make/model of truck as the suspect. (Epic fail.)

The suspect posted his “manifesto” online, and this is especially what we’ve been discussing all day. You can read the manifesto here. 

So the thing is, as of today, the validity of his claims about LAPD are unclear. But he is making some pretty serious and oddly specific claims about corruption, racism, and brutality.

I mean, there has to be some sort of investigation into the claims he makes in this manifesto. I definitely do not condone the violence he is carrying out, but if his claims turn out to be true, it kind of makes him some sort of dark, batman-like, vigilante anti-hero. Or he is a disgruntled, crazed, former Naval lieutenant and skilled marksman with plans to systematically kill as many cops as possible. It will be interesting to see how this all plays out, and what it does uncover about the LAPD.

One of the interesting parts of the manifesto is when he discusses gun control. He points to himself and his arsenal of guns, all of which he obtained legally, and points out that he should not have possession of these types of guns. He explains how easy it was to get them, and how broken the system is. Whatever side you may be on of the gun control debate, you’ve got to admit that it’s chilling when a crazed man on a killing spree declares that the easy access he had to his firearms shows us that our country has a problem. I haven’t found any coverage of this in the media, and it will also be interesting to see how media coverage of this unfolds. There are highly controversial claims in there, along with some pretty awesome shout-outs and opinions; he raves about Michelle Obama’s bangs and laments that he will miss The Hangover 3 and the next season of The Walking Dead– I’m not making this up!

So for a lot of reasons, I hope that more of this enters the public conversation. I also do hope that the killings end soon, though I don’t think that any of this is going to end well for LAPD or for Dorner.


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