Gettin’ My Run On: Week 3

This week marked the third week of my 20 week marathon training plan, and it was not my best week.

This week one of the mid-week shorter runs lengthened to 4 miles. I’ve actually lengthened a couple of 3 mile runs to 4 miles in the past couple of weeks, but this Wednesday when the training plan actually demanded this, that run sucked. It was hot (70 degrees or so and really sunny) and I had heartburn from the coffee I had an hour before. I was slow and miserable.

I was supposed to cross train on Thursday, which I did not. Actually, I tried by starting a yoga workout in my living room after work, but after about 20 minutes I was too hungry, feeling weak and distracted. So a 50 minute yoga work out turned in to a 20 minute half-assed workout, so I couldn’t count it as a full cross train workout.

I didn’t do anything Friday, either– except going to Canters deli in Hollywood and then drinking more wine than I should. B T Dubs, Canters is ridiculously good.

So Saturday, thanks to the late night and over doing it on wine, I had zero energy. I was supposed to run 6 miles, but I honestly couldn’t get off the couch. Like really; I slept something like 14 hours and did nothing but watch movies.

I was supposed to run an easy 3 miles today, but instead I ran yesterday’s 6 miles. I was amped and excited to finally get in this run. Unfortunately, it was just as warm out as Wednesday (maybe I need to rethink these noon runs), and the ginormous breakfast burrito I had that morning was still sitting heavy in my stomach. From miles 2.5 on, I alternated between trying to keep that burrito down and walking through some stomach cramps. I pushed on as best I could, until about mile 4.5 when I formed a painful blister on the bridge of my foot (ouch!) and had to walk every other block or so.

So it was a discouraging week, to say the least.

But this is a good thing! Without set backs and disappointment, I wouldn’t have the drive to do better next week, or to appreciate a really good run. I wanted to beat myself up today over such a dismal run, but I realized, Hey. I finished the 6 miles; even if I had to walk parts, I still went the distance. I still got my heart rate up and burned calories, and I did a whole lot more than most people did on Superbowl Sunday. 

And that is what I need to keep reminding myself during training: that the failures are still small triumphs in their own way, and that if it was easy, it wouldn’t be worth doing.

Also I need to remind myself to run closer to the shore when it’s hot and to not eat breakfast burritos before a long run.


Comments on: "Gettin’ My Run On: Week 3" (2)

  1. Well, you're lapping me, because I'm still on the couch!! ha! I admire anyone with the determination to run any kind of race!

  2. Hehe, thanks Amy! At the moment I am all too comfy on the couch and having the hardest time convincing myself to lace up my sneakers and go out for a run. 🙂

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