Let’s Go Shopping!

The first week of a semester is always an awkward one for an instructor– it’s hard to get back into the groove, there’s no grading to be done, but you feel like you should be doing something, and you still don’t know what to expect the next few months are going to really look like.

So I cope with all of this uncertainty by shopping online. It gives me a sense of control in an world of uncertainty.
So here are my favorite purchases of this week. Believe it or not, ALL ARE UNDER $20. Because I am awesome like that.
You can find these adorable Oxfords (love the turquoise sole!) at Target. I’d been sort of avoiding the Oxford reemergence, and now that I have jumped on board, I needed something with a little pop of uniqueness.  
I love them with tights, a black skirt, and this top, also from Target:
I have this skirt in Teal already, and I love, love, love it. It is so versatile, and only $12.50. Whaaaat?!
Also at Forever 21:
I’ve been feeling inspired by Downton Abbey, and though it isn’t exactly something Lady Mary might wear, it adds a little sparkle and elegance to my day.
But then for when I am feeling like more of a badass, I heart this bracelet, available on Etsy from Layered With Love.
Almost as therapeutic as yoga, I tell you. 

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