Dispatch From Utah

Greetings from Bryce Canyon, where the boyfriend and I are holed up in a hotel room with nasty colds!

Fortunately we got out for a little while yesterday to experience the grandeur of the park. The snow dusted Hoodoos and pines are breath taking, and January really is a magnificent time to visit the park. If you take to some of the trails, you will share them with only a half- dozen or so German tourists.

We wanted to hike the trails down into the canyon, but a few minutes of walking uphill left the bf doubled over in coughing fits. The ole bronchitis– ain’t nobody got time for that!!

I’ll share more stories later about adventures in Zion.

A couple of days ago, when the nasty colds first kicked in, we decided to go into town to buy a humidifier, since the dry, heated air of the cabin in Zion was wrecking havoc on our throats. We found a super-sized Walmart on the outskirts of Hurricane, UT, and as we wandered through the aisles, we saw three young girls  dressed in full on Sister Wives Prairie garb, with pastel dresses to their necks and elaborate french braids. For reals!!
It was as if I had just discovered the Easter Bunny and the Tooth Fairy raiding my liquor cabinet. I HAD to see more of them. So we tried our best to trail them inconspicuously, and caught up with them in the pharmacy section; while we evaluated cough drops, they met up with Mother (that’s what they called her) who was looking at travel sized medicines.
Curioser and curioser.

I so wanted to snap a picture, but I felt it wrong. So instead, here’s a picture from the internets that is extremely close to how they looked:

Two of them were quite young, maybe 7-9 years old!
Also, do you remember Scrunchies? Well, people use them here in Utah. I hadn’t seen one in LA or OC since 1998. But the scrunchie is alive and thriving in Utah. Good to know. 

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