Cinnamon Roasted Almonds

Because it’s the beginning of the year and peeps be all like, “I’m gonna lose weight, I swear,” here’s my favorite healthy snack.
I too need to shed some El- Bees from all of those holiday treats. As I am going to be hiking a lot and then beginning marathon training, it’s important that snacks be filling and protein-rich. And tasty, of course.

I made this for relatives for Thanksgiving, and ended up snacking on them the whole week. I had two Thanksgiving dinners and a wedding, and somehow managed to lose 1.5 pounds. Now I am not saying that these almonds are magical or anything, but they do fill you up and keep you from eating what you shouldn’t. They have plenty of lean protein, lots of fiber, and are anti-oxidant rich.

Plus, they’re sugar free!!

So here’s how to get started. You need:
A bag of raw almonds (which you can get from Trader Joes)
About two egg whites
A cup and a half of Splenda
A tablespoon of ground cinnamon (though I tend to add more myself)

Turn on your oven to about 275.
Then whisk the egg whites with just a splash of water, and then coat the almonds with the egg whites until they’re all good and sticky.
In another bowl, blend the sugar and cinnamon, and then blend them into the almonds.
I line a cake pan with parchment paper to save clean up time, and then spread the sugary almonds evenly in the pan. 
Bake them for about 10 minutes, then stir them up, then bake another 10-15 until they’re all roasty. Your kitchen will smell ah-ma-zing, and that’s when you know they’re ready.
Once they’re cool, store them in a container to snack away.
Now, because they’re made with Splenda, the sugar coating might not caramelize quite the way you may be used to from sugared almonds you get at say, the fair. But, you are saving yourself TONS of empty calories, and the almonds still get a nice cinnamon-sweet coating that I promise you is delicious. A handful of these bad boys should leave your tummy full and your sweet tooth satisfied. 


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