I am not kidding when I say that I am blind as a bat– -6.5 in one eye, -6.75 in the other. I’ve been wearing contacts since I was about 14 or 15, and my only pair of glasses were from that time. Needless to say, they were hideous. With some prodding by the boyfriend, I finally got a pair from this century, and I am starting to dig them.

I still have that middle school mentality that glasses look ugly and nerdy, and I am trying to get past the flashbacks of pubescent humiliation that I associate with specs. I now notice everyone’s glasses, and I am thinking about getting a few more pairs. I would love to hear what styles you are digging right now. Remember, I am new to this!

Speaking of being the newbie, I am still trying to understand the ins and outs of Instagram? Whaat, you say? Didn’t everyone master that in 2011? Well for one, I am not good at the whole hipster thing (don’t let the awesome eye wear fool you), and two, I am a Droid girl, not an iPhone user, so it’s all new to me. I am realizing that I just might not be too cool for Instagram like I thought. If anyone has tips, please share!


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