I like to think that I am a coordinated person with cat-like reflexes, but this year I’ve sustained a few injuries. I have two scars from rope burns on the inside of my right arm, the lighter, smaller one from rappelling down a waterfall and the bigger “V” shaped one from zip lining; both happened in Costa Rica in March, I believe on the same day. For a few weeks my left arm wasn’t of much use from injuring my rotator cuff while sailing in Palma de Mallorca, Spain. Then a couple of months ago I fell off my bike when riding home from a local brewery with friends one night, and I fractured one of my ribs.

Very minor inconveniences, if you ask me. All of them were totally worth it.
Last weekend the boyfriend and I ran in a Zombie infested 5k mud run. Surprisingly I don’t have any injuries beyond a lightly skinned knee from crawling in under barbed wire. No pics either, because we were both too muddy to handle a phone. If you’ve ever wondered, sprinting from and dodging zombies through mud is not easy. Throw in some walls to hop over, electric fences to slide under, and muddy hills to climb up/slide down, and you’ve got a serious full body work out– not to mention an AWESOME Sunday morning!

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