Every semester, I can tell when I am getting burnt out when I stop even trying to wear heels and just pull flats out of my closet every morning. When it’s earlier in the semester, I will at least start the day off in shoes that I like. More often than not, it leaves me trying not to limp back to my office as my shoe slowly fills with blood from a new blister. But when I stop even trying to excite myself with shoes, that is when I know I am getting tired.

That is this week. Since I’ve taken over two classes for another instructor, I have been non-stop busy and filled with anxiety about completing everything that I need to and staying organized and ahead of schedule. That’s all starting to slip, so much so that last week I goofed majorly and wrote down the wrong day for two of my classes to have a library orientation. Whoops!

It’s even starting to take me longer to complete the work that I start out to do, because I haven’t been sleeping as well, which in turn makes it harder for me to concentrate during the day, which then makes grading papers take much longer than usual, and leaves me constantly trying to catch up. Sigh.

So yesterday on one of those long days where I struggled to stay awake and read papers, I took a break to walk down to the arboretum. It’s a beautiful place that is incredibly peaceful. I found a spot near one of the ponds where some ducks were napping on the grass, and decided to sit down there. Then some of the ducks woke up, and look who waddled over to say hello…

On the way back to my office, I also noticed more rabbits hopping around than usual. You’d think it was about to be Easter or something.

Seeing baby animals reminded me of this video that makes me grin every time. It’s a ticklish baby penguin!!!!

I think my favorite part is the penguin’s squeal. Mostly because I am also extremely ticklish and have been known to make a squeal not all that different from the penguin’s. HAHA!

If it wasn’t for baby animals, this week would be so much more difficult to get through…


Comments on: "How I get through a long day." (1)

  1. well don't get too burnt out cause I like the different shoes you wear. Your wedges looked great on thursday and the pink heels you wore a while ago looked great too.

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