A friend of mine has a birthday coming up, and our plan for her celebration began as somewhat of a joke: a snuggie pub crawl. Now, I’ve heard of such things before, and the thought of having a beer in a snuggie is just too funny to pass up.

So yesterday I bought a snuggie, a leopard print one because it seemed to be the most over the top design; I typically avoid anything animal print, just because it doesn’t seem very “me.” Anyway, I bought said snuggie with a bit of a giggle, and when I got home, I took it out of the box and tried it out, and guess what– I really love it. You can’t deny that it’s a brilliant idea. So why did I feel so ridiculous buying it? Is it the cheesy commercials? The fact that it is a Sky Mall thing? That it seems like a product that is mostly for old people? Really: why are snuggies such a joke?

Which just makes me wonder, how often do we pretend to not like things that we actually like? Or are afraid to admit to certain people that we like something?

I think it comes from fear of being judged by others for what we like. For instance, when hanging out with people who like to boast about their taste in music, I used to hide the fact that I sometimes enjoy cheesy pop music. But one day, I guess I got over that fear. I admitted to this hipster friend of mine that I enjoy all kinds of music, even pop music. The Britney Spears concert I once went to was one of the best shows I’d ever seen. I listen to Lady Gaga on my ipod regularly. It isn’t the only music that I like, but I do like it among other genres. Anyway, that hipster tried to be nice, but could not hide the disgust and disappointment on his face.

But you know what? On further reflection, between the two of us, who is the loser: the one who enjoys pop music, or the one who judges a person for what she likes? I mean, really, as long as it doesn’t harm anyone or anything, who cares what another person likes? It’s pretty douchey to judge another person for having different taste in music. If you really think about it, it’s saying, “your tastes are inferior to mine, and they are inferior only because they are different from mine.”

There was a time, mostly when I was a grad student, when I judged people by what they read. But then I realized that like the hipster, I was being kind of a douche myself. People like things for different reasons, and if a book that I think is cheesy makes another person feel good, then who cares? I only judged them because they didn’t live up to a criteria that I had established in my own mind– and who am I to decide what is “good” literature and what is “bad?” A lot of “good” or “classic” literature was once seen as low-brow or pop culture. I think that the important thing is that a person connects to the thing that they like.

So if “Poker Face” puts a little bounce in my step, or The Real Housewives has me on the edge of my seat, or Del Taco makes my taste buds sing, then…that’s great. There’s more to me than that, and at the same time, the things I like make me who I am.

So don’t ever be afraid to own up to the things that you like, even if it is a leopard print snuggie!


Comments on: "These Are A Few of My Favorite Things, And I Don’t Care!" (1)

  1. My husband got a superman snuggie as a gag gift over Christmas. But the joke is on the gift giver as we love that thing. who knew?

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