Don’t over think it

I love parties (who doesn’t?), and I especially love surprise parties and themed parties. So when my friend’s wife organized a surprise, Jersey-shore themed party for his 30th birthday, I was super excited. I caked on the bronzer and eye makeup, poofed up my hair, and rocked some fuzzy slippers all night. Epic win! It was especially fitting since Joe moved here from New Jersey when we were in high school, and we were affectionately calling him a guido since back then. To be sure, he out grew the guido-ness before we got to senior year, but the throwback to his roots was great.


While we were there, we watched the Pacquiao- Margarito fight. I don’t go out of my way to watch boxing, but when there are big fights and a friend or bar has it on pay-per-view, I’ll watch it.


I feel like boxing is one of those things that you can’t think too much about if you want to enjoy a fight. It’s really barbaric when you think about it. Two men fighting for the sake of fighting? Trying to knock the other one out? The objective is to do as much damage to the other guy as possible? And people pay ridiculous amounts of money to watch this. How is it any different than the days of gladiators, when the crowds would pack into the coliseum and watch one contender die? Obviously, death is not the objective in boxing, but it is pretty violent. Anyone who saw the fight Saturday night saw how badly beat up Margarito was. It kind of disturbed me the way that Manny even kept glancing at the refs to see if they were going to stop the fight. By the way, I like that he backed off a little during the 11th and 12th rounds; that was a classy move. But isn’t it kind of disturbing, the way audiences are riveted and cheer along, and the cameras show the blows from different angles, in slow motion. Why do we condone this kind of violence?
Now, to be fair, I recognize the athleticism and skill involved in it. It’s impressive what they do, and there is something eloquent about it. It isn’t just two men trying to beat one another up; there’s strategy and skill in it. It’s definitely more impressive than UFC. I am probably putting my foot in my mouth by saying this, but I’ve noticed that while not all people who like UFC are douchebags, every douchebag I meet seems to really like it. I’m just saying. Again, liking it does not make one douchey! It’s just an overwhelming trend amongst douches.


My father’s dream was to be a professional boxer, but his shoulder was badly injured in college football and then died young. So perhaps the slight attraction to it comes from that. Whatever the case, it is fascinating to watch. I just can’t over think it, or I’ll begin to question what it means to be civilized.


Comments on: "Don’t over think it" (2)

  1. I LOVE themed parties too! They are the best because it is just a different atmosphere than a regular party.

    I agree with you as well I’m not a boxing or UFC fan I find them pointless and a waste of money and time. But some people enjoy watching people getting beat up. If it wasn’t because they get paid a whole lot maybe these people wouldn’t do it. I find that money makes us do many things we don’t want to. But if its something your passionate about than I guess its more because you put yourself there.

    I’m sorry about your Father!

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