On Posing.

I’ll throw it out there: It really amuses me when people that I do not like reveal stupid things about themselves on Facebook and make it public for everyone to see. They satisfy my desire to dig up dirt on them without me actually having to get my hands dirty. I realize that that sentence could start to lean towards creepy stalker territory– in journalism that’s praised as “investigative reporting;” in blogging it just borders on creepy, so I am going to nonchalantly walk away from that one and get to the point I wanted to make about it.

I find it hilarious when girls post hundreds of pictures of themselves and their friends. I find it even more hilarious when they are several dozen pictures from a weekend trip to Vegas for a Bachelorette party. I find it even more hilarious when they insist on the caption, “What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.” Because, for one, obviously that is not true if you are posting hundreds of pictures of what happened in Vegas online for the world to see. Doesn’t that sort of defeat the purpose?

But what’s worse is that a quick glance at the photos showed me that they are nothing like the closing sequence in the Hangover.

Instead these pictures show a group of girls posing from the backseat of a car en route to Vegas. Posing as they apply more make up in a hotel room. Then posing together after they’ve finished. Then posing in front of the hotel. Then posing outside a restaurant. Then posing as they toast drinks. Then posing throughout the meal with the same, barely touched drinks. Then posing outside a club. You get the idea.

Something tells me that absolutely nothing exciting happened during this trip. At least nothing that I’d consider exciting.
And I know that it isn’t just these girls. Recently I was walking through downtown on a Friday night and I passed by one bar where a group of girls were posing for pictures by the entrance, arms awkwardly around one another, knees bent in toward one another, as several lights flashed because each girl wanted the exact pose on her camera.

Now maybe it is just weird to me because this was all occurring on my street, and since I live here I don’t think of downtown Fullerton as a destination that I want everyone to know, by proof of a picture, that I go to. But also, maybe it is weird to me because if it were me and a group of my girlfriends, the last thought to cross our minds would be to pose for a picture outside of a bar. I’d rather go inside the bar and order a drink. Maybe that’s just me. I’m not opposed to pictures taken with friends, but I am opposed to the staged, look, we’re having fun! purpose of it. I’d rather actually be having fun. I’d rather be having too much fun that I forget to take a picture, but find that a friend took some candid shots throughout the night– some funny, some embarrassing, but all representative of the time we had. Sure, I have a collection of semi-staged pictures of a table full of friends that are reuniting, or goofy self-portrait style pics of a friend and I at an Angels game when we should have been watching the game instead of trying to figure out the best angle for a shot of us.

And yeah, this could just be me being defensive about my pathetic lack of current photographs since I always forget to capture those “kodak moments.” Maybe I need to work harder at preserving memories with the people I care about. But when I see that a person literally has over 1000 photos on her Facebook, I’ve got to wonder. It seems to me like the intended message there is look at all the exciting things that I do with my life! But unless you have a private photographer following you around, or you’re stalked by TMZ or something, I’ve got to wonder if you’re truly living an exciting life. Because when it comes to the most exciting times in my life, I know I wasn’t experiencing them from an LCD screen on my camera. I was living them.

And letting other people capture them on camera. Ha!


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    Keep working ,great job!

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