Keeping Momentum

I love football. In the academic-type circle that I sometimes run with, I am in the minority on this one. But I love it; I love the excitement of it all, the spectacle, the rivalries, the stats, the athleticism. I just dig it. So needless to say, this weekend has made me happy. I’ve been swamped with work this week, and so I haven’t been able to watch as closely as I’d like, but I’ve had games on in the background all weekend. Tonight’s close call with the Cowboys-Redskins game was intense (I’m not a fan of the Cowboys), and I actually squeal in delighted anticipation with my two favorite teams playing Monday night (Chargers and Jets).

As I alluded to already, I have been extremely busy lately. I’ve come to realize that I am happier when I am overwhelmed with work. Sure I get really stressed out and I groan about not having the time to do something that I want to do, but having a long to-do list, and crossing things off of it, gives me a lot of satisfaction. When I am idle, my sense of self-worth starts to drop. Even if I am busy with things that don’t seem significant, just the fact that I am busy makes me feel like my time is worth something. Strangely enough too, when I am busy, I also tend to accomplish more than just the things that I am busy with. By that I mean more hobby-related things get done, and I have more creative ideas than during the “down time.” I suppose that I am the type of person that needs pressure to thrive; without it I can’t focus as well. I get more energy from wearing myself out with long days.

I don’t think I’m alone in this. I think most people wouldn’t be comfortable saying that they feel more content when they are busy, but I have to wonder if it is true. These days it’s nearly impossible to avoid hearing about the down economy and also hearing people voice their discontentment with, well, everything– and not just a lack of income. I think that when people have less to do, they feel less important, and then in turn feel frustrated in general. I am willing to bet that if people were busy, even if they weren’t making as much money but they were just busy, they’d be more satisfied with life in general. Though, if people were content, Fox News, and other corporations that make profits off of people’s fear and frustration, would not be as pleased.


Comments on: "Keeping Momentum" (2)

  1. I feel the same way!! I always feel I need to stay busy, it keeps me focused. I guess I love being stressed out.

  2. I feel the same way!! I always feel I need to stay busy, it keeps me focused. I guess I love being stressed out.

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