WTF and ROFL and SMH

For all of the time I spend on the internet, I have never gotten on the Twitter bandwagon. I guess between Facebook, blogging, google chats, and all that good stuff, I don’t see a need. Also, okay, I don’t quite get the way it works when I go to the website. I usually only hear of Twitter on celebrity news, and by the way, watching celebrity news leaves me with a lot of “WTF moments.” It’s like, Paris Hilton tweeted the following after her arrest… and So-and-so accuses her ex of blah blah blah on Twitter saying… I bet Hollywood publicists are so pissed about Twitter– it pretty much made their jobs obsolete.
But that said, this cracks me up: Kanye New Yorker Tweets . They paired Kanye West’s tweets with New Yorker cartoons. Such a mash up of high culture and pop culture is pure genius. I wish I thought of it.


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