When most people go to Yogurtland or Tutti Fruiti, they pick  appropriate yogurt-topping combinations to suit their cravings.

I wish I had that kind of restraint.

But I want it all! Mango! Chocolate! Pistachio! Coconut! Blueberry! And it’s not complete without more chocolate/kiwi/cookie dough/mochi/berries/fruity pebbles/bananas and whatever else looks fun. My concoctions match those of the 7 year old bouncing in front of me.

I like that every bite is different. Every bite is a new discovery.

Some spoonfuls are¬†serendipitous– strawberry and brownie?! pistachio and mochi?! Hell to the yes! Some– pineapple and cookie dough– not so much. But that’s okay, because the next bite will be different, as will the next…

Life is all about finding adventures wherever you can.


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